St. Malo 22

House Rules

Memorial Day to Labor Day
1)  House reservations are made by Lou, Tom, and Lizzie by picking order.
2)  Renters will probably occupy most of July and part of August

Labor Day to Memorial Day
1)  Lou, Lizzie, and Tom may reserve the house or a room at any time
2)  Grandchildren may reserve the beach house within two weeks of their stay if the house is free by emailing TJ at
3)  Reservations can be made for special occasions by the grandchildren when they wish to have the house for themselves more than 2 weeks in advance with approval from Lou, Lizzie and Tom.  Once approval has been given by all 3, please email TJ the dates along with the emails from Lou, Lizzie and Tom.

Reservations and Cleaning
1)  Place all reservations with TJ by email ( and he will update the web site and keep all email correspondence in case of an issue.
2)  The Beach House MUST be cleaned, beds made with clean sheets (make Gran proud), towels must be washed and dried and all bathroom supplied with toilet paper.  Please run the dish washer if dirty dishes and put them away.  Please make sure that the heaters are all turned off and all windows are closed when you leave the house.
3)  Holiday reservations are reserved for Lou, Tom and Lizzie to use for the picking order for that year.  If a holiday weekend is not picked once the calendar has been updated, that holiday is open for a reservation only by clearing it through Lou, Lizzie and Tom.
4)  If you are not going to use the time you have reserved, please send an email to TJ so he may open the weekend on the calendar so other may use the house.

Note:  Any changes to the above should be reviewed by Tom, Lou and Lizzie.  If you have an idea for a change, please email Tom, Lou and Lizzie as they will make the final decision.